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  • Sorry for the delay but life kept me busy as usual… 

    So here is the first work I want to show you!

    This is a photo reportage I did this summer. It´s the Christopher Streets Day in Hamburg. I went there with a friend to take photos and watch all the people celebrating there wish for respect.

    It was a wonderful experience! Sadly it was raining again and again and we had to shield our cameras from the water. Needless to say, there was noone who was spoilt by the weather.

    One of the moderators said: “Only with Rain and Sunshine! There will be a RAINBOW!” I think this statement said all about the hole event, the meaning of it and much more.


    • dozent: Ralf Niemzig
    • subject: photography 1
    • semester: 4
    • camera: Canon EOS 1000D
    • all pictures uploaded in low quality

    2 years ago

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